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Buying martial arts insurance is a much bigger decision than most school owners are aware of. Lawsuits against martial arts schools are at an all time high.

The proper martial arts insurance coverage will protect you in these circumstances. Don’t make a big mistake like I did. Years ago, I found a liability insurance policy, for a great price, but once a student was hurt, there was no coverage. I’m so lucky I didn’t lose my school. When you buy martial arts insurance, your policy must have “participant Liability coverage”, or you are at risk if a student gets hurt, while training in your school. Participant liability simply means that the participants are covered. It’s easy to make this mistake because most insurance policies don’t cover your students.

Martial Arts Insurance has insured at least 5000 schools, have been in business for 20 years, and have with a proven track. Many companies don’t provide enough coverage and some try to sell you more than you need, because they just want your money. Martial Arts Liability Insurance provides customers with great policies, for the most reasonable price.

If you choose not to purchase your insurance here, we suggest that you thoroughly research other companies, before risking the life of your school. A single lawsuit could ruin your career, so you should never purchase insurance without making the most informed decision possible.

Instructors are in a battle and must fight for the survival of their school. You must protect your investment with the best insurance coverage, available. More is at stake than just your assets; your reputation is challenged with each lawsuit. A good reputation is critical for operating a successful martial arts school.

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