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Martial Arts School Owners

Why do I need Martial Arts Insurance?

Martial Arts school owners, are you defending yourself with the correct Martial Arts Insurance policy? If you don’t currently have an insurance policy and you are in need of coverage, then you’ve come to the right place.

You’ve dedicated many years into the art of self-defense and spent hours and hours perfecting your abilities. You’ve taken basic movements, crafted them into a concrete fighting system, and advanced to an expert. You can be very proud of yourself because you have achieved what others could only dream of. Now that you are a school owner, there are critical things to consider.

Unfortunately lawsuits are at an all time high because there are many people who view them as an easy method to make money. You must arm yourself with a strong Martial Arts insurance policy. When fighting for your life, and the future of your business career, the benefit of strong support and protection from liability should not be underestimated.

Having martial arts liability insurance is like having someone watching your back. One bad lawsuit with poor insurance coverage is all it takes to end your career.

What type of Martial Arts Insurance do I need for my school?

Any old liability insurance policy is definitely not good enough. Are you aware of the fact that the majority of martial arts school owners, across the country have insufficient liability insurance? The majority of liability insurance policies exclude coverage when the lawsuit is a result of one of your students getting hurt while training on your premises. The vast majority of Martial Arts school related lawsuits result from injuries sustained by students, while training in schools. With the wrong policy, you assume the responsibility for defending yourself against such lawsuits. Considering these factors, there is a great chance that you could lose everything.

A comprehensive Martial Arts insurance policy will contain “Participant Liability Coverage”. This form of liability insurance policy will protect you from lawsuits, resulting from students who are injured while training in your school. Participant Liability Coverage is mandatory to add to your arsenal in the war for the survival of your school. You must arm yourself with the best weapons.

The Martial Arts community relies on instructors like you to pass it on. In order for Martial Arts to exist there must be someone like you to pass it on. Your school needs to be around. Make sure you have a Martial Arts Participant Liability insurance policy and Protect Yourself.

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