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What is Martial Arts Liability Insurance?

The vast majority of landlords believe that Martial Arts liability Insurance is necessary for anyone in business.
Landlords generally require that you have a policy in place: mainly for their own protection.

Why do landlords require you to have insurance?

Example: If you own a car, you should have auto insurance and if you own a home you should homeowner’s insurance.
It therefore follows that a Martial Arts business owner needs Martial Arts insurance.

Liability insurance is extremely beneficial in so many ways

Many policies cover your business personal property. If a fire was to occur at your place of business, how would you replace all of your equipment, computers, data, files etc? Typically, Business Owners Policies include this type of coverage. There are many people who work from their home and assume that their homeowner’s insurance policies will cover their losses.

Read the fine print!

Few insurance companies will cover in-home business property and/or liability. If your Martial Arts instructions are held in your residence – beware! You may have no coverage whatsoever under your homeowner’s policy. The liability aspect is the most important part of Martial Arts Insurance. You make daily decisions that affect other people and a casual mistake could result in a costly lawsuit. Can you afford a lawyer to defend your business? Have you ever made a mistake on a job, contract or recommendation? Your business is liable for all of those, even honest mistakes. If you are a sole proprietor all of your personal assets are at risk, home, autos, vacation properties and the like. Make sure that you are insured for all of your assets and if you sustain some sort of loss, make sure the insurance company pays for it.

Martial Arts Insurance is essential

In today’s litigious society, only a penny wise fool would have any type of business operation without liability insurance protection. Too many people search for opportunities to sue the unsuspecting business owners in an attempt to get some “free money”. They secure the assistance of unethical attorneys whose only desires are to obtain out of court settlement – regardless of the amount – simply because it costs too much to defend against them.

Until the judicial system begins to penalize those who strive to abuse it, you must protect yourself against these types of situations and take all the steps necessary to avoid a costly litigious response to even the most meritless of lawsuits. If not, you could not only go out of business, but lose nearly all if not everything you have worked so hard for all your life. The need for martial arts insurance has never been greater. During these economic hardships, these types of situations tend to increase proportionately. Take heed and follow the necessary steps to protect yourself.

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