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Martial Arts Insurance Information & Articles

  • Martial Arts Insurance Information for School Owners
    Martial Arts school owners, are you defending yourself with the correct Martial Arts Insurance policy? If you don’t currently have an insurance policy and you are in need of coverage, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • What is Martial Arts Liability Insurance?
    The vast majority of landlords believe that Martial Arts liability Insurance is necessary for anyone in business. Landlords generally require that you have a policy in place, for their own protection.

  • Martial Arts Insurance Buying Tips
    Always take every necessary precaution to ensure that you purchase the proper insurance policy for your martial arts business. Our Martial Arts Insurance Policies always include Participant Liability coverage, which will cover injuries incurred by your students and/or tournament contestants. Basic Liability and Home Owner’s Insurance policies DO NOT offer this type of coverage.

  • Purchasing Martial Arts Insurance
    The lowest cost martial arts insurance may not provide for all of your needs. Before buying, you should assess your needs. Your landlord will require you to carry insurance coverage for a minimum amount, which should be stated in your lease. It is very important that your policy contains participant liability coverage.

  • Making Informed Decisions
    Lawsuits against martial arts schools are at an all time high. The proper martial arts insurance coverage will protect you in these circumstances. When you buy martial arts insurance, your policy must have “Participant Liability Coverage”, or you are at risk if a student gets hurt, while training in your school.

  • Most Important Considerations
    We currently offer a variety of insurance options, critical to Martial Arts School owners. The most popular is liability and medical insurance for school participants and owners.

  • What is Content Coverage for Martial Arts Insurance?
    Content coverage is an additional provision, which can be added to a Martial Arts Insurance policy (for an additional cost). Depending on several factors, it may be necessary or optional for martial arts school owners.